Rajasthan - The Cultural Hub of India

The land of the royals, Rajasthan is a state in India which is well-known for its remarkable past and stupendous hospitality. A mainstay of the nation’s ancient rich culture, customs & traditions, this historical state is a shining crown of its cultural civilization. Modern day tourists, in chase of heartwarming & hospitable India, move towards Rajasthan in big numbers for a genuine and fantastic cultural experience.

Besides its environmental magnetisms, it is the unique culture that attracts the tourists towards this land of royals. Though the landscape here is dry and parched, it is the great culture here that has been alluring tourists from many years.

Folk performance, heritage, sightseeing, food serving, wildlife safaris here echoes with the sophisticated cultural philosophy of the state. This cheerful spirit of the state is always prepared to offer a tourist with a seasoned cultural experience here. There’re affordable Rajasthan cultural tour packages on offer by many tour agencies in India through which a traveler can experience the affluent cultural roots of this mesmerizing land.
Rajasthan cultural tour packages
The cultural show here starts right when a traveler arrives at Jaipur. Here travelers are adorned and applied a glowing dot on the forehead in conversational language as a sign of majestic reception & greeting.

At each and every step in Rajasthan, travelers can experience something new as far as culture is concerned. During the tour here, sightseers can simply take advantage of sitting on top of the royal elephants, horses and camels in its diverse land and receive the delightfulness of royal inheritance here.

Art is another podium where culture of Rajasthan can be understood. More than leisure, art in this state is an expression of a means of life. Small paintings of Jaipur, Bundi and Bikaneroffer the sights of the Rajputana’s artistic magnificence.

The old cultural inheritance in Rajasthan can also be experienced by seeing the folk aIndia tour packages rt & performance. There’re so many folk traditions and platforms via which travelers can go to the root of the culture of Rajasthan.

Another most helpful means to experience the cultural magnificence of Rajasthan is by taking part in the cheerful fairs & festivals. Carved in the celebrations, these carnivals in India are vibrant and loud affair articulating the enthusiasm of the royal landscape. Generally, these fairs are related with the regional festivals during which elephant polo, camel races, folk performance and strange competitions take the centre stage.

A traveler who wants to experience the best of Rajasthan must look for a cultural tour package provided by a renowned tour agency in India. There are many tour operators offering affordable India tour packages that include Rajasthan cultural tour.

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